Christian Drama Script

Are you looking for a way to illustrate a sermon or lesson? Choose a Christian drama script to assist you in teaching your lesson. In the weeks to come, more scripts will be added to this site. Feel free to use them or adapt them to your situation. Scripts may not be republished without the author's permission.

Scripts based on Scripture

These scripts were written based on a particular portion of scripture. Some include the scripture in the script, while others simply illustrate the passage.

Repairing a Wall - This short skit for 4 actors is based on Isaiah 58:1-14
Christmas Hope - This short skit for 2 actors (an older woman and a child - or someone playing these roles) is a Christmas skit based on Ephesians 1:16-20
X-Isle - a spoof on Gilligan's Island for 2 male actors. This skit is a good introduction to Jeremiah 29:1-14.
The Dinner Party - This skit for 5 actors gives a lighthearted look at Mary and Martha. The Dinner Party is based on Luke 10:38-42.
Where is Your Treasure Stored? - This skit for 2 actors is based on Matthew 6:19-21.
David and King Saul - This narrated skit for 7 actors is based on 2 stories in 1 Samuel about David and King Saul.
Get a Haircut - This is another skit about King David, this time with his son Absolom, based on 2 Samuel 18. It calls for 4 actors plus narrator, although more non-speaking actors can be used.
Parable of the Talents - Based on Matthew 25:14-30, this skit illustrates the parable that Jesus told about his second coming.
Parable of the Flashlights - This is another skit about the second coming of Christ based on Matthew 25:1-13.

Scripts based on Themes

These Christian drama scripts are based more on a theme than a particular passage of scripture. Holiday scripts are good examples of this.

Christmas Focus - This short skit for 2 women contrasts the busyness of Christmas with the real meaning, the birth of Christ.
Anger Issues - This short skit for 3-6 actors focuses on several events in the life of Moses. This would be an excellent script to use as the intro to a sermon on anger.
The Bridge - This short skit for 4 actors was used as an introduction to a sermon on reconciliation.
Yield? - A short skit for 4 actors and optional puppet that talks about yielding to the Holy Spirit.
One Way - This skit illustrates that there is only one way to heaven. It uses 3 actors and an optional puppet.
The Call - This 15-20 minute script was used during a missions conference. It uses 6-7 actors or puppets.
Extreme Makeover - This skit for 4 people explains that only the Holy Spirit can give the power to live the Christian life.

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