Writing Christian Skits

At first, writing a script may seem daunting, but writing Christian skits isn't as difficult as it may seem. Sometimes you just can't find a script that will work. It's too long, not very good, or there just isn't anything out there. Try writing your own. These steps will help you get started. Have you already written a script? Publish it here.

Getting Started

1. Choose Your Topic - Okay, this may seem like a no brainer, but you need to know why you're writing a particular script. Is it based on a passage from the Bible? Is it a topic or seasonal script? What is the point? If the script if to lead into the pastor's message, what is his main point?

2. Decide on the Type of Script - Will this be a 2-person dialogue? How about a newscast or commercial? Is it more of a story like a sitcom or drama? Think about the best way to "teach" your lesson. For example, when I wrote the script about David and King Saul I wanted the story to be in a Biblical drama setting. The Yield Script lent itself perfectly to a drama involving cars and a traffic sign. What works naturally into your topic?

3. Choose the Number of Actors - How many actors do you need? A newscast might just use one. A commercial may use 1, 2 or more. Don't let this be set in stone. You may need to make adjustments as you write.

Start Writing

4. Characters and Setting - Skits are short, typically 2-5 minutes so when writing Christian skits you will need to establish the characters and setting (in any) right up front. This is best done with costumes, props and staging items (desks, trees, etc.) If anything needs to be said, it should be in the first few lines of dialogue.

5. Build the Conflict - All good stories have some type of conflict or challenge to overcome. Check out the stories in the Bible, you'll know what I mean. There are two different methods to resolving conflict. The first is to establish the conflict early. The resolution of the conflict should point to the purpose of the script. In Christmas Hope the little girl is disappointed in her presents. She didn't get what she hoped for. The resolution came as the grandmother talked with her.

The second method is to continually build until a quick resolution at the end. This works well for an "Ah Ha!" moment. The script Where is Your Treasure Stored uses this method.

6. Dialogue - One of the most important parts of writing Christian skits is the dialogue. The actual written dialogue is just a conversation. As you write, think about what the characters would say to each other. Don't have long rambling lines (unless you want someone to cut them off). Keep them short and to the point. Use humor when possible. In our example of David and King Saul we had the stage manager throw a pillow out to King Saul so he could sleep. Think of ways you can inject humor but don't overdue it. You want people to get the point, not just be entertained.

7. Plan Movement - There's nothing worse that 2 people just standing doing nothing but taking (unless you've planned it that way for humor). Have your actors use props or movement to pull the audience into the story.

8. Final Critique - When you are finished, reread your script. Ask a few others to read it or even take parts and read through it. See how the dialogue flows. Do you need to add anything or take something out. Does it point to the main purpose of the skit? If so, you're ready to give it to your actors.

Writing Christian skits can be fun. You may not be a natural writer, but you can learn to write scripts. It takes time and constructive criticism. Don't be afraid to let others give you pointers to improve.

You can submit your drama scripts here. It's a great way to share your scripts with others. Do you have pictures of your drama being performed? Share those too. We can all help each other as we seek to share the gospel through drama.

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