This skit uses 4 actors and 1 puppet. Each actor will need a steering wheel or a cut-out of a steering wheel. There should be a Yield sign in the center of the stage. Driver 1 enters from stage right. Driver 2 enters behind him. Driver 3 enters from stage left. Driver 1 should arrive at the Yield sign and see Driver 3 coming. He waits – yields- while driver 3 crosses in front and exits. Driver 2 is waiting behind Driver 1, very impatiently. You can use the same person as Driver 3 & 4. You could also have Driver 3 enter and say the puppet lines if you prefer.

Driver 2: (If you have the sound effect of a car horn, use it)>/i> Hey! You up there, get moving!

Driver 1: I’m sorry, but there’s a Yield sign.

Driver 2: So!

Driver 1: That means I need to stop and let the other car go first.

Driver 2: No it doesn’t. It means to drive faster and get ahead of the other guy.

Driver 1: What? Where did you get that idea?

Driver 2: Hey, that’s what everybody does.

Driver 1: No, not everybody. I don’t.

Driver 2: I noticed, now get going!

Driver 1: It’s clear now, so I will.

(Driver 1 drives off stage left. By now, Driver 4 should enter and be approaching the YIELD sign.)

Driver 2: Uh oh! Somebody’s coming, but I think I can make it.

(He drives faster through the sign and both drivers collide. If you have the sound effect of a crash – Great!)

Driver 4: What did you do that for?

Driver 2: What did I do what for?

Driver 4: You had a Yield sign. Why didn’t you yield?

Driver 2: I thought I could get through in time.

Driver 4: Then you didn’t yield. To yield means to let the other person go first, or have control. If you would have yielded, we wouldn’t have had this crash.

Driver 2: I’m sorry. I guess I was too impatient.

(He helps the other driver up and they walk off together sharing insurance info.)

Puppet: (enters) That’s what happens when we don’t yield to the Holy Spirit. Sometimes, we think our way is better, but then we crash. If we yield or give the Holy Spirit control, we’ll always go through the Highway of Life making the right choices and arriving safely. (Exits)

You can watch this drama presented at a children's camp program.

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