Drama Ministry

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Live action draws draws attention and helps focus an audience. Starting a drama ministry can enhance the services for adults, youth and children. Some churches and organizations hesitate to begin such a ministry because they don't know where to start. We'd like to offer some helpful hints to get started.

Choose a director - The director should be someone who has a good eye for detail. It would be helpful if he has some acting experience. If he doesn't, he needs to be willing to learn how to be a good director.

He needs good communication skills so the actors understand his direction. Finally, but maybe most importantly, the director should be an encourager. Even when correcting an actor, the director should always be encouraging and give praise.

Choose actors - When choosing actors, be sure that they can act. Okay, that may seem obvious, but sometimes when beginning a ministry volunteers are scarce and a warm body is better than no body at all. That's not true in drama. Actors should possess a certain amount of inhibition (we do some crazy things onstage). They should also be willing and able to memorize. But most importantly, the actor must be living for the Lord. His personal life and public stage presence need to be in sync.

Choose scripts - You can choose a script based on the text or story that is being taught. You can also choose the script based on the theme. Either way, make sure that the lesson and the script say the same thing. The drama shouldn't just be thrown in the service for fun (the exception would be a fun skit to kick off a youth meeting, etc.). Some skits are available on this website. Feel free to use them if they will benefit your ministry. You may also want to try your hand at writing your own scripts.

Develop Characters - Be sure to develop the character of each actor. This will ensure a believable performance.

Rehearse Staging - Practice, practice, practice. Make sure that the actors know their lines and where to move on the stage. Watch for backs - you don't want to see them while the actors are talking. Be sure that all the actors can be seen, especially when they are talking.

Drama ministry can be a rewarding and fun ministry. It takes time and a team effort, but drama can help your audience understand the lesson and speak to their hearts.

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