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Concert Schedule

Interested in hearing the Herald Brass. You can see where they are scheduled to play on this concert schedule.

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Herald Brass

Formed in 2003, the Herald Brass has been playing concerts in the United States and around the world. This brass quintet, based in Pennsylvania specializes in classical, sacred and patriotic music.

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Live Music Recordings

Listen to songs played by the Herald Brass in live concert recordings.

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Herald Brass Musicians

Want to know a little more about the Herald Brass musicians? Check out their bios and photographs.

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Pleasure in Chains

This is the story of a man who is given the choice of 'having life' in Christ or 'living life with the devil.' He chooses to live life with the devil and

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The Iron of God

The Church Ladies Talk Show TOPIC: Resisting the Devil, Armor of God SYNOPSIS: How often do we find ourselves discussing spiritual matters without applying

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Party Predicament

The Party Predicament is a mystery dinner script for 6 actors and an unlimited number in the audience. Find this and other scripts here.

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