Herald Brass Musicians

The Herald Brass is made up of a brass quintet plus a pianist and drummer. As you read through the bios of the Herald Brass musicians you may notice that we have more members than required. This allows us to alternate musicians and fulfill our concert commitments. All of our members are excellent musicians in their own right and blend together for a harmonious sound.

Douglas Enck

Pastor Doug is the founder and leader of the group. He has been playing trumpet for over 50 years. In addition to the Herald Brass, Doug is a member of the Strings and Silver, a classical string quartet with trumpet. He plays on church praise teams and orchestras, as well at numerous weddings and funerals throughout the years, including military funerals as well. He has also helped in numerous school plays for some of the local schools. Doug teaches students in trumpet and other brass instruments. He loves to see students learning to play an instrument to be used in praising God in their local church that they attend. Although Doug's favorite hobby is the trumpet, he also enjoys traveling, hunting, photography, and going to auctions. Doug is married to Dawn and has two grown children and two grandchildren. Doug is the Chairman on the board of Proclaiming Christ Ministries.

Emily Stehman

Emily Stehman

Emily joined the Herald Brass in 2010 as our second trumpeter. She currently works as an international accountant. She has played the trumpet for over 20 years. Emily has played in numerous musical ensembles and plays regularly with her church's worship team. She and her husband are blessed with two daughters. Emily really enjoys outdoors activities like jogging and biking and spending time with her family. She also likes baking and spending time with friends. Emily is Secretary on the board of Proclaiming Christ Ministries.

Dean Fink

Our French horn player is Dean Fink. Dean has been playing seriously for over 30 years. Dean has two daughters and three grandchildren. He is a certified public accountant with his own firm. His main hobby is trains, both full size and model trains. Dean has been with the Herald Brass since its beginning in 2003. In addition to being one of the Herald Brass musicians, Dean is Treasurer on the board of Proclaiming Christ Ministries.

Dale Diller

Another train enthusiast is our trombonist. Dale has been playing for approximately 45 years. In addition to the Herald Brass, Dale plays with the Calvary Church Orchestra, the Lampeter Strasburg Community Band and the Flipside Big Band. He and his wife have 3 children and 11 grandchildren. When Dale isn't working as IT support at Calvary Church, you'll probably find him playing his trombone or with his model trains.

Ed Heckman

Ed has played the tuba for about 30 years. He previously played with Central PA Symphony and Airborne Brass. Ed and his wife have 3 adult children and 1 granddaughter. His hobbies include computers (he likes them so much he became a computer programmer) and apologetics. His son, Caleb, has also played tuba with the Herald Brass on occasion. Ed attends Shippensburg Evangelical Free Church.

Anita Hatch

Anita is our pianist. She began playing the piano when she was 8 years old and loves using her talents for God's glory. She graduated from Lancaster Bible College with a major in music education and Bible. After teaching music for several years, she began serving in church ministry and has been on staff at Lancaster Alliance Church for 20 years serving in various worship and communication roles. Currently, she serves as the Director for Communications and Executive Assistant to the Lead Pastor. She also owns a wedding consultation business, EventFully Yours Consultants, LCC, which she thoroughly enjoys using her spiritual gifting, talents, developing skills, to reflect Jesus' love as she serves those who connect with her for wedding consultation services. Anita and her husband, Kelvin, have 3 grown children and anticipate becoming grandparents in the near future. Together they enjoy spending time in God's creation while camping, spending time with family and friends, and extending hospitality to those they come in contact with.

Jeff Heinaman

Jeff joined the Herald Brass in 2022 after last playing trombone in 2008 with the Ponds Big Band in NJ. Growing up in Lancaster, he played in high school and college as well as with the Ephrata Concert Band. Jeff also enjoys disc golf, photography and being outdoors. He and his wife have three daughters and he is the Operations Specialist with the Eastern PA District of the Alliance.

Don Jones

Don Jones is currently the percussionist for Herald Brass. With the use of Roland’s Octapad he is able to reproduce a wide variety of percussion instruments, especially tympanies and cymbal swells that lend dynamic support to the beauty and power of the brass section. Don is the pastor of the Punxsutawney Alliance Church. He has pastored churches throughout Pennsylvania. He began playing drums in 6th grade and has had a wide variety experience from garage bands, pick up bands, worship teams, jazz and Dixieland ensembles. Don is married to Pat, and they have 3 grown children and one child in Heaven.

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