Pleasure in Chains

by Uyi Osas
(Enugu, Nigeria)

This is the story of a man who is given the choice of 'having life' in Christ or 'living life with the devil.' He chooses to live life with the devil and learns a lesson.

There are 8 actors. Jesus, the man, the devil, three demons and two ladies.

Props: Food, a chair, & chains would be needed. A music mix is also advisable.

The man comes in while a repeating offstage voice says: "The devil came to steal, to kill and to destroy." until he reaches center stage.

Jesus: (Enters from one side) There comes a time in a man’s life when he has to make decisions for himself. Look I lay before you life and death. But i advice you choose life.

The devil comes in with two demons from the other side.

Devil: Let us not beat about the bush. All that you need I have and I will give it to you for just a little price.

Jesus: Whatever decision you make now will affect your future. What I have I give to you; peace, joy and satisfaction of life.

Devil: You have heard his offer. As for me I present to you fame, money, food and women. So it’s up to you. Would you rather have life or live life. You decide.

Man chooses to live life. And as he goes towards the devil yearning for his offer the mix plays an echo of ‘fame, money, food, women’

Jesus: I will always be there waiting for you when you need me. Just call.

Now the devil hands him the ladies who take him by the hand and he happily takes them to center stage. One of the demons brings a chair for him to sit on. The other brings a plate of food as the ladies pamper him. After a while the last demon comes in with a chain and stares at him. The two demons drag him and chain him.
Leaving the ladies, they drag him through the stage. While beating and dragging him, they collect money from the devil and push it into his clothes. Then they force the food into his mouth, one of the ladies come in front of him and mocks him. They drag him on the floor. All this while Jesus turns his back on him. Due to the pains he shouts the name Jesus. All the demons leaves him.

Jesus: (Jesus turns to him and ask calmly.) You called me?

Man: Yes... the price is too much to pay.

Jesus: Then come to me.

As man goes towards Jesus taking with him the ladies and the money, Jesus stops him.

Jesus: Wait! You have to let go.

Man: What! (The two ladies hold on to him patting his head and calming him down) You mean I should let go? Of all this? The fame, the money, the food , the women? (pauses) Can’t i just keep this one? (holding a lady) Just this one?

Jesus: No you have to let go of it all.

Man: I can’t. I just can’t.

Jesus: Well, when you let go, call me. (he turns his back)

The ladies drag him back to the demons who hit him and drag him to the devil who arranges man’s head and clothes. Then pushes him forward. The pleasure and torture starts again and after much pain man calls on Jesus again exhausted.

Jesus: You called again?

Man: Yes, yes. The price is just too much to pay.

Jesus: Are you ready to let go?

Man: (exhausted) Yes yes yes! I'd rather come with you than live a life of pleasure in chains.

Jesus: (Jesus looks at him then smiling) Now you can come.

Man pushes all the ladies and demons away and goes to meet Jesus. All the demons and ladies are angrily downcast at loosing him. A good praise song is raised as man goes and is welcomed by Jesus.

It is advisable to have the music/instrumentals playing at the background

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Mar 20, 2018


Aug 26, 2011

Hello, just yesterday I shared with some folks the choices that we have.
Are you aware that God does not give us choices, but commands?
He has given us the ability to choose. 'Don't shut me of yet', this is very critical for the believer to understand.
The scripture does say, Today I set before you life and death...choose. The entire context of Deut. 30 lays down God's commands and the consequences of disobeying them. Then he says "choose". Use your free will, your ability to choose good and evil to decide whether you obey my command or disobey my command.
Even the army operates on this principle. They command. A command does not remove our human ability to choose, but a command is never a choice.

I hope you understand that I am not criticizing for the sake of being a critic. No! As Christians it is important that we understand, when God speaks, he commands. It is our sinful flesh and the constant work of satan (as in the garden of Eden) that tells us we have a choice in the matter.

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