Where is Your Treasure Stored?

This script for 2 actors asks the question, "Where is your treasure stored?" It is set in a bank or investment office. One actor, Joe, should be male and represents the average person - the average Joe. The teller can be either male or female.

Joe should have a dufflebag containing CD cases, DVD and/or video cases, bucket of popcorn (or just the empty bucket), a small TV, a cable, cup and straw from a fast food restaurant, a small inflatable globe. The teller should have an adding machine, calculator or computer on the desk.

If you perform this for a service, a spotlight for the ending would be powerful. There also needs to be a narrator to read the final verse as the 2 actors freeze at the end.

Where is Your Treasure Stored?

(Teller enters and goes to table or desk. An adding machine is in the corner and a sign “Invest in your Future” is behind it. Joe enters with a duffle bag filled with items and goes up to the Teller.)

Teller: Good morning, Joe.

Joe: Good morning.

Teller: What can I do for you today?

Joe: I’d like to make my yearly deposit.

Teller: My, it looks like you’ve done quite a bit with your money this year.

Joe: Well its never too soon to begin investing. And besides, I’m sure it’s just average.

Teller: Then let’s see how the average Joe did this year.

Joe: Okay, (puts CDs on the counter) first there was my music.

Teller: (punches in amount) You spent $ 68.81 on music. (picks up CDs and drops them into a large trash can next to the register.)

Joe: (puts DVDs and videos on counter) Next there’s the DVDs and videos.

Teller: (punches in amount) You spent $ 110.28 on DVDs and videos. (drops them into trash)

Joe: Sometimes you need to experience a movie on the big screen. (puts a bucket of popcorn on the counter.)

Teller: (punches in amount) And you spent $ 76.88 at the movie theater. (puts it in the trash)

Joe: (puts a small TV on the counter) Can’t forget my cable. I upgraded this year because I could only get 78 channels.

Teller: (punches in amount) You spent $ 226.84 on cable TV (drops in trash). Anything else?

Joe: (looks in cart) Oh yes, I almost forgot my high speed internet connection. (puts cable on counter)

Teller: All right (punches in amount) $ 76.10 on your DSL connection. (drops it in the trash) Anything else?

Joe: Yep, I ate out quite a bit too. (puts fast food cup & straw on the table) You know how busy I am.

Teller: (punches in amount) And you spent $ 855.00 eating out. Your total is $ 1413.91. (both Joe and Teller looks slowly into the trash then look at each other) Did you use your money for anything else this year?

Joe: Yes, (puts small inflatable globe on counter) I gave to missions so that God’s Word could be spread around the world.

Teller: (punches in amount) You gave $ 20.00 to missions. (picks up globe and holds it up) This will be added to your account. (both freeze )

Narrator: Only that which we give we have. That which we keep we lose. Jesus said, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (brief pause -- lights go off and spotlights highlight the globe and the trash can) Where is your treasure stored?

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Statistics for Where is Your Treasure Stored are from US Entertainment 2002 MPA Market Statistics, National Restaurant Association & The Christian and Missionary Alliance website

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