Christmas Hope

This drama skit is based on Ephesians 1:16-20. Christmas Hope is a good skit to introduce a Christmas sermon on our hope in Christ. You will need 2 female actors, a grandmother type and a young girl. Both of these roles may be played by any age using costuming and makeup to complete the effect. The roles could also be played by male actors, substituting grandpa for grandma and/or a grandson instead of granddaughter.

(As Christmas Hope begins, a little girl enters and sits looking up at the Christmas tree. There are gifts that have been opened all around the tree. Grandma enters.)

Grandma: There you are. Why are you sitting in here? Everyone else is having dessert.

Girl: I’m not hungry.

Grandma: Not hungry? But it’s your favorite.

Girl: I know… but I don’t feel like eating.

Grandma: Okay, what’s wrong?

Girl: Grandma, this has been a horrible Christmas!

Grandma: Horrible!? But look at all the presents you got.

Girl: I was hoping for a pony.

Grandma: A pony?

Girl: Yeah! All year long I was hoping I’d get a pony for Christmas. It’s the thing I wanted most of all.

Grandma: But you live in an apartment…

Girl: I know, but…

Grandma: On the 3rd floor.

Girl: So....

Grandma: Honey, we all have things that we hope for.

Girl: Even you?

Grandma: Sure, I hope I’ll have enough money at the end of the month to pay all my bills.

Girl: That’s not the same thing.

Grandma: Maybe not. You know, your Uncle Roy used to hope that he’d be the president of the United States some day. (thinking) And your Dad always hoped for a motorcycle.

Girl: Did he ever get one?

Grandma: No, your mother wouldn’t let him.

Girl: Grandma, how come it seems that what we really hope for, we never get?

Grandma: Hmm. Maybe, our hope is for the wrong thing.

Girl: How can hoping for a pony be a bad thing?

Grandma: It’s not a bad thing. But true hope isn’t wanting something so badly that they miss dessert if they don’t get it.

Girl: Oh, Grandma.

Grandma: Our true hope is in God. It’s a gift that he gives to each of his children.

Girl: It’s a gift?

Grandma: That’s right. God is the only one who can give us real hope.

Girl: I guess you’re right. That’s sounds like a pretty good gift.

Grandma: It sure does. (pause) Getting hungry, yet?

Girl: Yeah, I think I could eat a little dessert.

Grandma: That’s my girl. C’mon.

Girl: (as they exit) I guess it would have been hard to bring a pony up the elevator.

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