David and King Saul

David and King Saul is a narrated skit that uses 6 actors and 1 narrator. You can have more actors if you want David and King Saul to have more men. As the narrator reads or recites the story, the other actors act it out. You will need a small room divider, changing room screen, etc. for the actors to go behind. We use 2 tripods with a crossbar and a black curtain as a backdrop.

Narrator:The Bible tells us how important it is to always obey God and wait for His timing in our lives. One person in history sets a very good example for us, and that is King David.

(King David enters from stage right with a crown on his head.)

But Before David was King, Israel had another King, King Saul.

(Saul enters from stage left with a sword. He walks up beside David and takes the crown from his head and puts it on his own.)

Now King Saul knew that God was no longer happy with him and that God had promised that David would be king after Saul. So King Saul tried to kill David.

(Saul looks menacingly at David and raises sword.)

David did the only thing he could do – he ran away.

(David runs off, stage right.)

King Saul decided to hunt David down and kill him.

(King Saul exits, stage left.)

So the King gathered an army to search for David.

(King Saul enters with his “men.” They start to walk around, looking for David. They can even call out, “David” “Where are you?”)

The search took a long time.

Soldier 1:Are we there yet?

Soldier 2: I’m hungry.

Soldier 3: Can we make a bathroom stop?

King Saul: Fine! We’ll stop for a quick break. (The men quickly sit down. Person 3 starts to head toward the back curtain.)

Soldier 3: I’ll just step into this cave to use the facilities.

Soldier 1: Huh?

Soldier 2: (whispers to person 1) He has to use the bathroom.

Soldier 1: Oh.

King Saul: Not so fast! I’m the King and I’m going to go first.

(King Saul exits while the other soldiers sit off to the side and freeze. King Saul throws his robe over the top of the backdrop.)

Narrator: Now King Saul didn’t realize that the cave where he chose to “use the facilities" was the same cave that David and his men were hiding in. It was dark, but David’s men realized that King Saul was all alone in the cave.

(David and his soldier enter from stage right)

Soldier 4: Look David. It’s the King’s robe. He’s over there using the bathroom. This is the perfect time to kill him.

Narrator: But David wouldn’t let the soldier kill King Saul. David told him that God had made Saul the king, just like he had promised David that he would be king one day.

David: I will not harm the Lord’s anointed king.

Narrator: Instead, David cut off a piece of the King’s robe and they hid again until Saul had left the cave.

(Saul takes his robe, puts it on and re-enters the stage where his “men” stand up. David enters and holds up the piece he cut off.)

David: Look, King Saul. I could have killed you, but I didn’t.

Narrator: King Saul realized that he was wrong to have chased David and that David could have killed him but didn’t. David could have chosen the wrong path, but he was waiting for God’s timing and not his own.

(David and King Saul exit to their respective sides along with their men.)

You’d think that King Saul would have invited David back and everything would be okay. Well, the king did leave David alone for a while, but soon he was off chasing him again. One evening, he and his men were camping along the road. King Saul was inside a circle of his men.

(King enters along with his men. They lie in a circle with the king in the middle. As the king lies down to sleep, he puts his sword down beside him.)

King: Hey! I need a pillow!

(Pillow is thrown over the top of the backdrop)

Narrator: Well the King lay down to sleep. Now, guess who found out where he was?? You’re right. David. Again, his men encouraged him to kill King Saul.

Soldier 4: Look! It’s King Saul sleeping. Kill him and then you can be king.

Narrator: At first this sounds like a good plan. I mean after all, poor David is continually being chased by King Saul. And God did promise that David would be king. Why not kill him and take over. But David knew that chosing to do wrong, even if it leads to the right end is never right.

David: No! I will not harm the Lord’s anointed King.

(David tiptoes in among the men takes the sword. Then, he and his soldier stand off to stage right. King Saul wakes up.)

King Saul, wake up!

Narrator: Again, David showed the king that he could have killed him but didn’t. And again the king was very sorry that he was hunting David.

Saul: David! I’m sorry. You could have killed me but you didn’t.

(David and King Saul exit to their respective sides along with their men.)

Narrator: So King Saul went home. Eventually, King Saul did die and David was crowned king. But it was in God’s timing and not David’s. David knew that God always knows what’s best and he was willing to wait for God’s plan.

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