Sharing Jesus on vacation

by Sember H.
(AL, United States)

Teddie's at the beach swimming in the ocean. Teddie does silly swimming movement. All of sudden Teddie sees some old friends, Conner and Jazz walking on the beach.

Conner - Hey Teddie How are you?

Teddie - Oh I'm doing great. I love swimming! (Teddie does a silly swimming move.) Still got it.

Jazz - (Laughs)You're silly Teddie.

Teddie – Conner, how can you be at the beach? You're always grounded and can't go anywhere.

Conner - Well, a couple of months ago I went to church and learned about Jesus. Now he has me on the right track and I wanna do good.

(Conners mom call from down the beach)

Conner - Catch you later. My mom's calling. Good to see you. Keep up the moves. (Conner does the silly moves while going out of sight as Jazz yells to him...)

Jazz - Hey Conner, I'm gonna stay and hangout with Teddie.

Teddie & Jazz start to play in the sand. Teddie is thumbing through the sand, thinking. He's not really saying a lot. Jazz should be talking about how she love the beach as she accidently throws sand at Teddie. Teddie just spits the sand out and keeps on thinking and wondering. Jazz looks at Teddie.

Jazz – Sorry.

Teddie - What, Huh? It's ok.

Jazz - What are you thinking about?

Teddie - How can somebody change Conner? Look at him. Conner and his mom didn't used to get along. I mean not at all. This Jesus, do you know him?

Jazz - Yes, Jesus saved me.

Teddie- Oh when you went swimming and almost drowned, is he the guy who saved you?

Jazz - No Teddie

Teddie - When you almost fell on the concrete, the guy who caught you?

Jazz - Teddie no,no,no

Teddie - Oh, when you almost walked in front of a car, that man that saved you?

Jazz - (as she grabs Teddie hand) Jesus saved me from my sins. All the wrong things I've done he made right. I'm actually at the beach on our church retreat. My pastor Bro. Jeff is here. He can tell you all about Jesus. Here he comes now.

Jazz and Teddie - Hi Bro. Jeff

Bro. Jeff - Hi Teddie, Hi Jazz Hi boys and girls.

Teddie -Boys and girls? Where, where? Oh, hi boys and girls. (wait until after the children respond) Bro. Jeff, I want to know about Jesus and how he helps people and saves them.

(Bro. Jeff's Sermon)

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May 20, 2010
This would make a good puppet script
by: Janet

I enjoyed reading this script. I did make a few grammatical corrections before posting it. This script could be used for live actors or for puppets or a combination. It's a good lead into a children's sermon (you would just change the pastor's name to match your pastor).

This would be good for puppets because you could use rods to make the arms "swim" and they could be wearing bathing suits. Using this for live actors would be a bit more of a problem due to the costuming.

To get around wearing swimsuits when we use "swimming" or beach scenes, we purchased long swimtrunks for the guys and flesh colored tank tops. That way the men are covered. Since this skit doesn't have the girl swimming, she could be wearing shorts and a t-shirt as she's "walking on the beach."

These are just a few of my observations. Thanks for sharing.

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