The Bridge

The Bridge was written to introduce a skit on reconciliation. The pastor wanted to emphasize that we can build bridges to others and be reconciled with each other. His text was 2 Corinthians 5:18-20.

This skit can use men or women or a combination. You will need a real bridge or make one out of wood or cardboard. People need to be able to walk across and it needs to have handrails.

(Actor 1 enters with a hammer. He is the builder of the bridge and hammers on it a few times. Actor 2 enters. He starts to pass by the bridge.)

Actor 1: Hey, wait. I’m building this bridge.

Actor 2: So… what do we need a bridge for?

Actor 1: Don’t you see the barrier between here and those on the other side?

Actor 2: The barriers aren’t that big.

Actor 1: It doesn’t matter how big or small the barriers are. We can’t reach them without a bridge.

Actor 2: Maybe not, but I really don’t have time to be building bridges. (He exits)

(Actor 1 watches him go sadly, then goes back to building his bridge. He hammers a few times. Actor 3 enters with a large box. He starts to pass by...)

Actor 1: Hey, wait. I’m building this bridge.

Actor 3: Yeah, I see it. It looks good.

Actor 1: Thanks. I want to connect with the people on the other side. Do you want to come with me?

Actor 3: Sure, I’d love to.

Actor 1: Great. Put down your box and let’s go.

Actor 3: (Looks down at box.) My box?

Actor 1: Sure, you have to leave your baggage on this side.

Actor 3: I couldn’t leave this here. I’m sure I can cross the bridge with it. (He starts to cross but can’t. The box hits the side or handrails)

Actor 1: We can’t reach others without getting rid of our baggage.

Actor 3: I’m sorry. I’ve had this box for a long time. I couldn’t give it up.

Actor 1: Not even to reach the other side?

Actor 3: (Looks at box) No… I’m sorry. (He exits)

Actor 1: I’m sorry too.

(Actor 4 enters with another large box and sees what actor 1 is building.)

Actor 4: You’re building a bridge.

Actor 1: That’s right. I want to reach those on the other side.

Actor 4: I’ve been thinking about that too.

Actor 1: Really? Then come with me.

Actor 4: I’d like that. (He starts to cross with his box but again it doesn’t fit)

Actor 1: Wait. You can’t cross this bridge without getting rid of your baggage.

Actor 4: (Looks down at box) Are you sure? I’ve kinda gotten used to having this around.

Actor 1: I’m sure. You have to leave it here.

Actor 4: (Looks down at box.)

Actor 1: Please, come with me. I will be worth it.

Actor 4: (Looks at bridge, then at box, then back at bridge, then finally sets down box) Okay. Let’s go.

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