Christmas Focus

Help your audience return their Christmas focus to the right thing. This drama skit contrasts the busyness of Christmas with the real meaning of Christ's birth. You will need 2 female actors. Selma is a busy, hurried woman trying to make everything perfect. Louise is more laid back. She loves Christmas but not for the busyness. Her Christmas focus is on the birth of Christ.

Selma and Louise enter from opposite sides as if shopping. Both have large bags. Selma is “frantic” while Louise strolls along. Louise sees Selma who is writing on a list.

Louise: Hi Selma… Selma (Stops Selma) Hello… earth to Selma.

Selma: Oh, Hi Louise. I’m sorry. I was busy making my list.

Louise: (singing)…and checking it twice?

Selma: (Just stares at Louise)

Louise: (Laughing) Never mind.

Selma: I’m sorry Louise, but Christmas is no laughing matter. There’s so much to do.

Louise: It is busy. I love having people over for cookies and hot cocoa.

Selma: Cookies and cocoa? What about the hor d’ heuves and wassail? (Starts to write again) Oh, that reminds me… I need more lights to outline the greenery around the punch bowl.

Louise: Selma, your house always looks lovely.

Selma: It should. I spend enough time on it. (Writes again) Oh, speaking of house… I need my husband to finish the lighting on the sleigh.

Louise: The sleigh?

Selma: This year I added a red sleigh to the front lawn decorations with colored packages and lights and…

Louise: … but

Selma: (keeps writing) … and we could use more garland for the stairs… and more candles. (Pause) How’s your decorating coming.

Louise: Oh, we put up our tree and we had a great time with the kids decorating it. If I have time I might get a wreath too.

Selma: (Stares at her) That’s it?

Louise: Selma, Christmas isn’t just about decorating.

Selma: I know. (pulls out a long list from purse) Check out this list of people I have to buy for.

Louise: Oh I enjoy shopping for presents. I love picking out just the right gift.

Selma: You’ve got to be kidding. I just knocked down 2 women and an old guy with a cane to get the last Suzy Smiley doll. Now I’m on my way over to pick up 10 Chop o matics. They dice, slice and chop in seconds…and they’re on sale for $20.00 each.

Louise: Who are you buying 10 of those for?

Selma: Every gal on my list is getting one. Oops. Act surprised when you get yours, okay?

Louise: But what if someone doesn’t like cooking.

Selma: That’s just too bad. I don’t have all day to shop. I still have my Christmas cards to write and wrapping to finish and my daughter needs a costume for the play at church.

Louise: Selma. I think you’re focusing on the wrong things.

Selma: What’s wrong with wanting my house to look nice and sending greetings to my friends?

Louise: Nothing. Just don’t put all your focus on things that really aren’t all that important. You’ve got to remember what we’re really celebrating.

Selma: I know – we’re celebrating Jesus birth. But…

Louise: But what?

Selma: I just want everything to be perfect. I guess I do get a little carried away.

Louise: A little?

Selma: Well, okay. Maybe wiring the front door to play the Hallelujah Chorus when someone enters is a bit much.

Louise: Selma, God loves us just the way we are. He knows we’re not perfect. I think he wants us to enjoy his son’s birthday celebration. Focus more on Jesus, not all the “stuff” that we often add to Christmas.

Selma: I guess you’re right. Maybe I could do without some of my decorating…

Louise: And…

Selma: I guess I could cut my card list down from 300.

Louise: Good idea.

Selma: …and if I didn’t feel like I “had” to buy everyone a present, I could concentrate on choosing just the right gift for those who are left on my list.

Louise: Sounds like a great idea to have a more restful holiday. Your Christmas focus is on the right thing. Now, how about taking a break for a cup of coffee with an old friend.

Selma: Sure. (As they walk off she looks in one of her bags) Do you know anyone who could use a Chia Head?

Louise & Selma: (Laughing together) On Sale!

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