The Call

The Call is a script that was originally written for a missions conference. It can be done with live actors or with puppets or a combination of both. The song, Please don’t send me to Africa was done using a puppet singing to a Keith Green CD. (We also had animal puppets enter and sing along with the chorus.)

You will also need 3 girls (or girl puppets) with cell phones or telephones on the stage. There is also a radio talk show host. The pizza man (or girl) can be one of the other actors. He is never seen on stage.

This script is more lengthy than many of the others on this site. To save space, we've only put the first section on the page. Feel free to download the entire script for free.

(Ralph enters)

Ralph: Elmer, come out here!

Elmer: (Elmer enters) What is it, Ralph?

Ralph: Our show is about to start and just look at all these people who’ve come to see it!

Elmer: Wow! That’s great!

Ralph: Yessiree! When Ralph and Elmer put on a show the people just pour in, a sell-out crowd, sometimes standing room only, sometimes no ... (Elmer cuts him off)

Elmer: But Ralph, I don’t think these people knew we were coming.

Ralph: Of course they knew we were coming and that’s why this crowd...

Elmer: But Ralph, they’re at church. I think they came for the service.

Ralph: What? Well, of course they came for the service! Why, Pastor Doug (use your pastor or leader’s name) assured me that these folks are well behaved and are anxious to learn more about missions. But I’m sure we were mentioned somewhere.

Elmer: I don’t think so Ralph.

Ralph: Oh... Well then... they’re in for a treat. Yessiree, a real treat. We’ve got singing and ...

Elmer: But Ralph. What about the rest of the program?

Ralph: What? Oh, we’ll leave a little time for that. But now it’s time for our show. Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages Ralph and Elmer are proud to present “The Call”. Our first guests are experts on the call. Marcy, Cindy and Betty Lou. (applause - Ralph and Elmer exit)

(Marcy enters with phone to her ear. A phone rings and Cindy enters with a phone to her ear)

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