Anger Issues

This skit, dealing with anger issues, can be performed with as little as 3 people or up to 6 (or more). If using more people, have the extra performers act out the 3 Moses “flashbacks.” The performers simply mime what the narrator is saying. Moses and the Counselor freeze during these parts. If using only 3 actors, Moses and the Counselor can stay animated while the narrator "tells" the story. The skit takes place in a counseling office. There should be 2 chairs. The Counselor should have a clipboard to take notes.

(The narrator enters and stands center stage.)

Narrator: Today we’re talking about anger. You know, we often read about people in the Bible and think that they couldn’t possibly have the same problems that we have. But you know what? They do. Let’s listen in as Moses talks openly about some of his problems with anger. (Narrator stands off to the side as the counselor and Moses enter from opposite sides of the stage.)

Counselor: Hello, Moses. How are you today?

Moses: I’m doing well. (Sits down)

Counselor: That’s good to hear, but you said on the phone that you need a little help controlling your temper. Is that correct?

Moses: I guess so. My wife said I needed to talk to somebody. She thinks I have anger issues.

Counselor: Is that so. Can you tell me about an instance where you got angry.

Moses: Well, there was that Egyptian incident, but it was no big deal.

Narrator: Moses went on to tell about a time when he saw an Egyptian beating up on a Hebrew slave. You see Moses was really a Hebrew but was raised by an Egyptian princess. On this particular day, he was walking by a slave who was being beaten. Moses was furious about the mistreatment and killed the Egyptian! (If using extra actor, they would enter at the beginning of this narration and act it out as the narrator is speaking. They would then exit. Follow this example for each scene from Moses' life.)

Counselor: You killed him? That doesn’t sound like nothing to me. Is that your only example?

Moses: Not exactly, I was a little angry about that idol thing.

Counselor: Tell me about it.

Narrator: So Moses told about his experience on Mt. Sinai. He had gone up the mountain and was there for 40 days. But while he was gone, the people thought something happened to him and they convinced his brother Aaron to make an idol out of gold. But Moses was fine. In fact, God was giving the people his laws, the 10 commandments. As Moses came down the mountain he heard the people celebrating. When he arrived at the camp and saw the idol, he was furious! He threw the tablets of stone on the ground, breaking them to bits.

Counselor: A little angry? I think I see what your wife means by anger issues. Any other examples?

Moses: Well, there was that rock thing.

Narrator: This time Moses explained that the people were complaining about water. God had already provided for the people time and time again. He sent them manna, quail and water. But the people never seemed satisfied. When they were thirsty, instead of praying, they complained. God told Moses to speak to a rock and water would flow for the people to drink. But Moses was so angry at the people that he hit the rock with his staff. God gave them water, but Moses paid a steep price. God didn’t allow him to enter the promised land.

Counselor: Moses, you do have a problem with anger. You need God’s help to keep from loosing control. Now, I want you to pray every day and let’s make an appointment for next week to see how you’re doing with your anger issues. (they exit)

Narrator: You see there was nothing wrong with Moses being angry. He had a right to be angry at the Egyptian for mistreating another person. He had a right to be angry about the idol. And he had a right to be angry at the people for complaining, again. BUT – he didn’t have to lose control. Moses sinned not because he was angry but because he let his anger control his actions. (exits)

We have also provided a pdf file of this skit on anger issues. Click here to read the PDF in your browser, or right-click to download it

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