Get a Haircut

Get a haircut is a narrated skit for 4 people plus a narrator was used before a kids sermon about waiting for God. Sometime it seems as if we have to trust God and wait for his plans. You can use any combination of men and women. Two men are required for David and Absalom. It could also be used with a sermon on 2 Samuel 18.

Narrator: God had promised David that he would be king of Israel. You may remember how King Saul chased David to kill him for many years, but now… finally… David was king. But all was not well in his household. David had several sons. One of them was Absalom.

(King David enters and sits on the throne. Absalom, wearing a long wig, should enter and bow before his father.)

Absalom: You sent for me father?

David: Yes, Absalom. I was wondering when you were going to get a haircut.

Absalom: It’s not time for my appointment yet.

Narrator: You see, the Bible tells us that Absalom only got a haircut once a year and then only because his hair weighed about 5 pounds.

David: Get a haircut! (Absalom exits as David shakes his head)

Narrator: Now David did his best as the king, but Absalom thought that he would make a better king. So he began to plot how he might take over the throne. But his father had no idea his son wanted to take over.

David: Absalom!

Absalom: (enters) Yes father.

David: Good news! I was able to get a hair appointment for you.

Absalom: What!

Barber: (Enters with scissors) Oh, what lovely hair! It will be my pleasure to cut it off.

Absalom: (Screams and runs off with the barber in pursuit)

Narrator: Now, Absalom was able to escape the barber but continued to plot against his father. He began to travel around the country meeting with people.

(Absalom enters stage left along with a Biblical woman or man. They are discussing something)

Narrator: He would listen to the problems that the people had, then tell them that he was sorry, but the king would not do anything about it. Absalom told the people that if only he were king, he would solve their problems. The Bible tells us that he won the hearts of the people.

(Person exits as barber enters and sees Absalom. Absalom screams and runs off with the barber in hot pursuit.)

After several years, Absalom went to King David.

(Absalom enters and goes to the throne.)

He asked his father if he could go to another part of the country and make a sacrifice to God. Of course, David granted his request. He thought that his son was beginning to trust God like he did.

David: Of course, you may go my son.

Barber: (Enters) Ah, there you are!

Absalom: (Yells as he exits, with the barber chasing him.) And keep that barber here!

Narrator: But Absalom was not going to worship God. He was plotting to overthrow his father. When David the message that Absalom had declared himself king and that many people were following him, once again David had to run away. He had several hundred faithful men plus his body guards, but they were forced to abandon the palace in Jerusalem and Absalom took over. (David exits)

But God had another plan. You see, God wanted another son of David’s to be the next king. His name was Solomon. Plus, David still had many years left to be king. Now, David could have become discouraged and angry, but he knew that God was in control and he trusted God.

Eventually, David’s men and Absalom’s men had a battle. When Absalom ran into some of David’s men, he rode away but his hair caught on a tree branch. He was left dangling from a branch when David’s men found him and killed him. David was very sad, but knew that God was in control and had returned his kingdom to him. (pause) Maybe Absalom should have gotten that haircut.

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