Parable of the Flashlights

The Parable of the Flashlights is based on the parable of the 10 virgins located in Matthew 25:1-13. It uses 5 actors of any gender. Each person will need a flashlight. If you can have a door onstage that would be ideal, otherwise just use the backdrop, a wall or something to “knock” on. The Parable of the Flashlights was originally presented for an elementary children's church program but would be effective for teens and adults as well.

(Actors 1, 2, 3, and 4 all enter. They all have a flashlight and meet excitedly in the center of the stage.)

ACTOR 1: Can you believe it! The Lightening Rods are coming! Here!

ACTOR 2: It’s so exciting!

ACTOR 4: I know, I’ve waited to see them, forever.

ACTOR 3: And we all have backstage passes and everything!

ACTOR 1: I can’t wait.

ACTOR 4: What time are they coming?

ACTOR 2: I don’t know. They didn’t say.

ACTOR 3: I guess we’ll just have to wait.

ACTOR 1: Does everyone have a flashlight. It’s going to get dark and we’ll need to be able to see.

ACTOR 4: I’ve got mine.

ACTOR 2: Me too.

ACTOR 3: I even brought extra batteries.

ACTOR 2: So did I.

ACTOR 1: Extra batteries? What do you need them for?

ACTOR 4: Yeah, I don’t want to have to carry those yet.

(They ad lib for a few more seconds, then start to act tired, yawning and looking sleepy. The lights slowly go down. The actors should turn on their flashlights )

ACTOR 1: I’m getting sleepy and it’s getting dark. I think I’ll rest for a few minutes.

(She sits down. The others agree and sit or lie down. Eventually, they are all laying down sleeping. A few snores would be funny here too. Have the flashlights all go out, one at a time as if the batteries are dying. ACTOR 5 runs in with a flashlight and wakes them all up.)

ACTOR 5: Wake up you guys. The Lightening Rods are just down the street. We need to get down there so we can get into see them.

ACTOR 4: Hey, my flashlight is dead.

ACTOR 3: My batteries are dead too. (She gets new batteries out of her pocket and starts to change them. Then turns on light) I’ll just put my spares in.

ACTOR 1: Do you have any spares for us?

ACTOR 2: (Changing his batteries too. Turn on flashlight) Sorry, I just brought enough for me.

ACTOR 3: The store down the street is still open. Why don’t you go buy some from them?

ACTOR 4: Come on. We’ve got to hurry.

(ACTOR 1 and ACTOR 4 exit. When they are off stage one of them uses a different voice or accent and calls out:)

VOICE: The Lightening Rods are here. Come on in.

(ACTOR 2, ACTOR 3 and ACTOR 5 exit in the opposite direction that ACTORS 1 and 4 did. If you have a door this would be the place to exit. If not, just exit offstage. As soon as they are offstage ACTOR 4 and ACTOR 1 re- enter with their flashlights on.)

ACTOR 1: Come on, they must have gone backstage already.

(They go to the door and try to get in but can’t. The door is locked. They start yelling but no one comes to let them in. Bring up lights as ACTOR 1 and ACTOR 4 talk to the audience.)

ACTOR 1: This parable of the flashlights is like a parable in the Bible that Jesus told.

ACTOR 4: 10 Women were waiting for the bridegroom to come but fell asleep.

ACTOR 1: When the bridegroom finally came, their lamps had gone out but only half of them had bothered to bring extra oil.

ACTOR 4: While the others went to buy oil, the bridegroom came and they were left behind.

ACTOR 1: Just like we were. Be ready when Jesus comes. Don’t be left behind.

(ACTOR 1 and ACTOR 4 walk away dejected and exit in the opposite direction as the door.)

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