X-Isle is a spoof on Gilligan’s Island. Choose 2 actors that can portray the Skipper and Gilligan. The Skipper can wear a blue short sleeve polo shirt, khakis and a captain’s hat. Gilligan can wear jeans (boot cut or slightly belled) and a long sleeve red polo. I added a white collar so it would look like Gilligan from the TV show. He will also need a white bucket hat. You can purchase hats from a costume supply shop or online.

This script was used to set the stage for the pastor’s sermon on Jeremiah 29:1-14.

(Gilligan enters and is sitting at a table or on a log. He is drawing)

Skipper: (as he enters) Gilligan! Gilligan! Gillig… There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you. (pause) What are you doing?

Gilligan: I’m drawing a map of the island.

Skipper: A map of the island. But why? We’ve been here a long time and we’ve been all over the island. We know everything there is to know about it.

Gilligan: Did you know that there’s a cave over by the base of the mountain?

Skipper: Yes, Gilligan.

Gilligan: Did you know that the stream curves around this grove of trees before going into the lagoon?

Skipper: Yes, Gilligan. I told you, there’s nothing more to learn about this island.

Gilligan: You mean X isle.

Skipper: What?

Gilligan: I named the island.

Skipper: What do you mean, you named the island.

Gilligan: Well, I figured if we were here this long, it ought to have a name.

Skipper: Buy why X isle?

Gilligan: See those 2 trees over there? (points out over audience)

Skipper: Of course, Gilligan. The storm last week knocked that one partially over.

Gilligan: Yeah, see, it looks like an X. (Draws “X” with his finger) So I named the island X isle.

Skipper: Gilligan. What happens when the tree falls all the way over?

Gilligan: Oh,.. Um… L Island?

Skipper: Gilligan, do you even know what exile means?

Gilligan: Sure, Skipper it means… Well, an exile is a … I mean, it’s a … No, I don’t know what it means.

Skipper: I thought not. When someone is in exile it means they are forced to live somewhere other than their own country. They can’t go home. (Gilligan looks around at the “island” then they look at each other)

Gilligan & Skipper: X Isle!

Gilligan: We can use this map to find out more about X-Isle.

Skipper: Gilligan, I already told you that we know everything there is to know about it.

Gilligan: Oh… well did you know that there’s 16 coconut trees near the girl’s hut.

Skipper: Sixteen! You counted them?

Gilligan: Sure!

Skipper: I hate to admit it but I guess you’re right. Maybe there is more to learn about X Isle. Come on little buddy, Mary Ann wants us to pick some bananas for a pie.

Gilligan: So can we call the island X Isle?

Skipper: I guess so Gilligan. I mean what else are we going to call it? Gilligan’s Island? (He laughs and puts his arm around Gilligan’s shoulders as they exit.)

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