The Dinner Party

The Dinner Party is a skit based on Luke 10:38-42 where Jesus is visiting the home of Lazarus. Mary and Martha are busy with the preparations - or at least Martha is. This skit requires 5 actors which include 2 men and 2 women. The Narrator can be played by either.

You can use biblical costuming for the characters. There are only a few props required so this can be done with minimal staging. During the narration of The Dinner Party, the actors should act out their parts.

Narrator: It started as a typical day at the home of Mary and Martha. These 2 sisters lived in Bethany along with their brother Lazarus. (Mary & Martha enter and are busy working). As usual, we find the 2 sisters busy working around the home, cleaning and tending to their usual chores. But today ended up being anything but typical. You see Jesus had stopped by to visit. (Lazarus and Jesus enter)

Mary & Martha: Jesus!

Jesus: Hello Mary, Martha. It’s good to see you.

Narrator: Lazarus took Jesus into their parlor …

Lazarus: (To Narrator) We have a parlor?

Narrator: Well, maybe not. How about, Lazarus took Jesus into the courtyard.

Lazarus: That’s better. (They exit)

Narrator: Now where was I? Oh yes, Jesus took Lazarus into the courtyard while Mary and Martha decided what to make for dinner.

Martha: We should have a lovely dinner party.

Mary: Yes, everyone loves to come and listen to Jesus.

Narrator: So the women hurried about their chores to prepare a delicious dinner for their special guest. (Mary and Martha exit) Now Martha was a planner. She wanted everything to be just right. (Martha enters with a list that she reads)

Martha: (read list) Let’s see… Sweep the floor. Check. Put fresh flowers on the windowsill. Check. Put the roast in the fire. Check. Set the table. (Pause) That’s Mary’s job. (She looks around) And she didn’t do it. (Calls out) Mary! (Exits)

Narrator: Mary was nowhere to be found. Martha checked the kitchen area, the rooftop, even the stable, but no Mary. Then, she saw Mary in the courtyard listening to Jesus. (Lazarus, Jesus and Mary enter. Lazarus and Jesus are sitting and “talking” while Mary is sitting on the floor listening. Martha enters) Now Martha wasn’t too happy to see Mary sitting there. She tried to get her attention. (Martha waves and finally jumps up and down) But Mary was too interested in listening to Jesus, so Martha went and did it herself. (She exits) Now Martha loved to listen to Jesus too, but she had the dinner party to get ready for. (Enters with list)

Martha: Set the table. Check. Fluff the pillows. Check. Peel the veggies. (Pause) That’s Mary’s job. (Looks around) And she didn’t do it. Mary! (She hurries over to try and get Mary’s attention).

Narrator: Once again, Martha tried to get Mary’s attention, but to no avail. Poor Martha, she was getting stressed. She wanted the party to be just perfect, but Mary was ruining it by not helping. Martha was doing everything herself. Finally, she snapped.

Martha: (To Jesus) Jesus! Make her help me!

Narrator: Martha was so stressed that she didn’t think about what she was doing. She started showing her list to Jesus and explaining that Mary wasn’t doing her part. It wasn’t fair. She was sure that Jesus would agree with her and send Mary back to the kitchen to peel the vegetables. But was she ever surprised when Jesus told her that he appreciated all that Martha was trying to do but that Mary had chosen a better way to spend her time. You see, Martha was so stressed about the details that she missed the time that she could have spent with Jesus. It would have been better to choose a simpler meal and enjoyed the day instead of being stressed. The Bible doesn’t tell us what happened after that, but I’d like to think that Lazarus helped out.

Lazarus: Martha, I’m sorry you had to work so hard. Let’s just order in a pizza! (They exit)

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