Are You My Mother Script

Are You My Mother script is a mystery dinner theater written for 6 actors, 4 women and 2 men. You are purchasing the entire script to copy for each of your actors and director, a prop list, costuming suggestions and clues. You have the rights to perform this play as often as you wish without additional fees or royalties.

The first act is presented, then dinner is served. During dinner, the audience discusses clues that are left on their tables. Following dinner, the second, or main act is presented. Dessert is served where the audience discusses more clues and tries to decide who the culprit is. The final act resolves the mystery.

The entire evening runs about 2 hours depending on how quickly the dinner and dessert are served. A buffet is fine for this as well. You do need 6 actors who are willing to memorize and rehearse before the event.

The first act is presented here so you can decide if this script is appropriate for your event. The first and third acts are the shortest. The second or main act gives the details that the audience will need to choose the perpetrator of the crime.

Scene: The Parlor

Inspector: (Reads this offstage) It began one dark evening. I was returning home after a routine investigation when my car quit in front of the mansion belonging to Mrs. Vera Rich. (Vera enters, sits down, looks at picture frame and picks up a book to read) Mrs. Rich had grown up in the United States, in Texas. Later, she married her husband and moved here to this estate in England. Mrs. Rich had lived alone for many years after the death of her husband. Her only companions were her servants. Her butler, Len d'Hand.

Butler: (Butler enters and offers her a cup of tea) Tea, madam?

Vera: Thank you Len. (butler exits)

Inspector: And her maid, Heather Duster.

Vera: (picks up small bell and rings)

Maid: (enters) You rang madam.

Vera: Yes, Heather . Will dinner be ready on time?

Maid: Of course, madam. Everything is just the way you like it. Will Ms. Less be here soon?

Vera: I hope so. I haven’t been able to sleep since I got the letter. I’m sure Ms. Less will be able to take care of everything.

Maid: Of course, madam. Will that be all?

Vera: Yes, thank you. (maid exits)

Inspector: Mrs. Rich had invited her lawyer to dinner to discuss a letter she had received in the mail. While she was waiting, her neighbor dropped by for a visit.

Butler: (enters) Mrs. Snoop to see you madam.

Vera: Thank you Len, you may show her in. (Butler shows Mrs. Snoop in and takes her coat and exits)

Vera: Ima! How good to see you! (goes to embrace her)

Ima: Vera!! What a night! The wind is picking up and I believe we’re in for a storm.

Vera: A storm? Oh, I hope not. I’m expecting my lawyer any minute. I don’t want her to be delayed.

Ima: Your lawyer? What about?

Vera: Oh, I really couldn’t say. At least not until she gets here. (butler enters with tea for Ima, listens for a few minutes in the background while arranging the flowers on the sideboard)

Ima: But Vera, you’re my nearest and dearest friend. Surely, you can tell me!

Vera: Well, it’s just that I received a letter from a former employee and it just may change my entire life!

Ima: Nanny!?! You heard from nanny after all these years! What did she say?

Vera: I don’t know. I was too nervous to open the letter. That’s why I sent for Ms. Less. She’ll know just what to do! (butler leaves) In fact, she should be here any minute.

Ima: Imagine, hearing from nanny after all these years! I could open the letter for you.

Butler: (enters) Ms. Ruth Less to see you madam.

Vera: Oh, good. Send her in.

(Ruth enters with authority, briefcase in hand. )

Ruth: Mrs. Rich (do not shake Mrs. Rich’s hand. Sit down.)

Vera: Oh, Ms. Less, I’m so glad you’re finally here. I have the most exciting news. (everyone freezes)

Inspector: It was at this time that I decided to knock on the mansion door. It was beginning to storm and my cell phone was dead. I needed to use the phone.

Butler: (enters) Madam, Inspector Will Solve has car trouble and wishes to use the phone.

Inspector: (enters right behind the butler) Sorry to be of trouble madam, but it’s beginning to storm and my car broke down out front.

Vera: Oh, it’s no trouble Inspector. I’m Vera Rich and this is my friend Ima Snoop.

Inspector: (tips hat) Ladies.

Vera: And this is my lawyer.

Ruth: ( Stands and extends hand) Ruth Less.

Inspector: Pleased to meet you. (They shake)

Butler: The phone, sir. (indicates phone on table. Inspector moves to use it)

Ruth: Now, Mrs. Rich. What was so important that you needed to see me immediately. (Butler and maid begin to work around the dining table, setting silverware and folding napkins for dinner)

Vera: Well, I received this letter from my former nanny.

Ruth: (perks up) Your former nanny, You mean the one....

Vera: Yes, the one that left and took my baby with her.

Ruth: What does the letter say?

Vera: I was too nervous to read it. (hands manila envelope to Ruth) Please, read it and tell me what she says.

Ruth: (opens envelope and pulls out letter and another envelop. She scans letter quickly) She writes that her health is failing and before she dies she wants to apologize for all the suffering she has caused you. She also sent information about your baby, so that you can find your long lost child. (holds up other envelope) It’s in here. (everyone freezes and the lights go out)

(Butler has gone out during the end of the previous dialogue and turns out the lights. You can have someone else to turn out the lights if the switch is not available backstage. The butler should still be offstage. During the blackout, Everyone changes position except for Ruth - she puts the letter someplace - it won’t be used again. As people are moving there should be a lot of ad libbing about the lights. )

Butler: (from offstage) Don’t worry madam, I’ll check the circuit breakers. ( Maid moves to glasses, picks up the vial and looks like she is putting something in them. Ima is looking under a chair. Vera is putting something under the arrangement on the coffee table and the Inspector is putting something in his coat. Ruth should stand up and change her position in the room. The lights come back on and everyone is frozen for about 2 seconds then try to act normal as the butler reenters.)

Ruth: The letter. It’s gone!!!

Ima: Gone! Where could it be?

Ruth: Someone took it while the lights were out!

Inspector: Well madam. I could look into it if you’d like me to.

Vera: Oh yes, Inspector. That would be very kind.

Inspector: Just doing my job, madam.

Maid: Dinner is ready! (exits)

Vera: Len, set 2 more places. The Inspector and Mrs. Snoop will be joining us for dinner.

Butler: Oh course, madam. (exits)

Inspector: But Mrs. Rich. I need to start my investigation.

Vera: You can’t investigate on an empty stomach. And besides, no one’s going anywhere. Let’s eat. (all exit)

If you like the first act of Are You My Mother script, you can purchase the entire script plus costuming, props and clues. If you perform the "Are You My Mother" script, please contact us and let us know. We'd love to hear how you used this script.

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