Sometime making a statement in drama requires the use of only one person. Monologues can be effective or they can be boring. There are several tips that you can use to engage your audience and keep them focused on your message.

Just imagine - the actor enter and takes his place center stage. His costuming is perfect. Then he begins to speak. In just a few seconds your audience will either tune him out or lean forward to hear more. So how do you keep their attention?

First, and probably the most important is expression. This includes facial expressions, hand gestures and voice intonation. The worst performances are delivered in a monotone. When choosing an actor, make sure he or she can use voice inflections effectively. The actor needs to "become" the person he is portraying.

Movement can also help keep the audience focused on the actor, but make the movement purposeful. Pacing across the stage is annoying unless, the character would be pacing in "real life." But taking a few purposeful steps during a change in mood or direction can be very effective. You may want to use a few props but don't go overboard.

Finally, eye contact is critical. Don't have your actor staring above the audience's heads. Look at the audience. Occasionally, choose a person and talk directly to him. Don't stare too long, just a couple of seconds. Then look at another person or in another direction before looking directly at another person in the audience. This gives the impression that the character is really talking to someone.

Monologues can be effective, but only if the actor is believable. Below you'll find scripts for a single actor. Feel free to use them or write your own.

Thomas - This script, written by one of our visitors, has Thomas describing his feelings following Christ's crucifixion and resurrection.

Eric Liddell - This script needs an actor who can do a Scottish accent and talks about giving up everything for God.

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