The Hidden Hawaiian Heirloom

The Hidden Hawaiian Heirloom script is a mystery dinner theater written for 6 actors, 4 men and 2 women. You are purchasing the entire script to copy for each of your actors and director, a prop list, costuming suggestions and clues. You have the rights to perform this play as often as you wish without additional fees or royalties.

Lotta Moola is hosting a Hawaiian Luau to unveil a priceless artifact that archeologist, Dick Ground unearthed on her property. The curator of the local museum is there along with a reporter and good friend. What happens when a bumbling tourist stumbles onto the scene? Your audience helps figure out the twists and turns in this mystery.

The entire evening runs about 2 hours depending on how quickly the dinner and dessert are served. A buffet would work well for this. It would be fun to keep with the theme and serve Hawaiian food.

You do need 6 actors who are willing to memorize and rehearse before the event. Any number can participate in the audience.

The first act is presented here so you can decide if this script is appropriate for your event. The first and third acts are the shortest. The second or main act gives the details that the audience will need to choose the perpetrator of the crime.

Scene: The Terrace

(All actors except the tourist enter the stage. The reporter should be at the food table, as well as Lizzy. Art and Dick should be at the drink table. They should each have a glass. The reporter should be making notes. Lizzy could eat a snack.)

Lotta: (comes to center stage) I want to welcome each of you to our benefit Luau. I know that each of you believes in this worthy cause and I want to thank you for your generous donations in order to attend this gathering. (polite applause from other actors) Of course, while the food is fantastic, I know that each of you is waiting to get a look at the extraordinary piece of history that was discovered while excavating on this property. I’d like to take this moment to introduce to you, the one responsible for this remarkable discovery. Dr. Dick Ground. (applause from Lotta and other actors- Dr. Ground moves to stage front)

Dick: Thank you. I don’t know what to say. I’m honored to have been the one to find this relic and I’m pleased that our hostess, Ms. Lotta Moola knows the archeological importance of this discovery. (polite applause - Dr. goes back to his place)

Lotta: Thank you Dr. Now everyone have a good time and enjoy yourselves. The unveiling of the piece will take place promptly after dinner… (Pauses and looks around) followed by its auction. (Everyone gasps. Art almost chokes on his drink. Dick looks concerned and slaps him on the back. Reporter frantically writes. Lizzy smiles.) Enjoy!!!

(During the conversation between Lotta and Lizzy, the reporter should be wandering around taking notes. He should also walk over and look at the covered item. Do not pick up the cloth, just look at the outside of the cloth. Dick and Art should be talking softly with each other)

Lizzy: (gives her a perfunctory hug) Lotta, what a wonderful party.

Lotta: Thank you Lizzy. You’re very kind.

Lizzy: You have such a flair for these kinds of events.

Lotta: Thank you. It really is no trouble.

Lizzy: So what do you have up your sleeve?

Lotta: What are you talking about?

Lizzy: You know, selling off that antique that was found on your property.

Lotta: What about it? It’s mine. I can sell it if I want to.

Lizzy: I know. But why the surprise announcement? I mean, why not advertise that you were going to sell it? You heard your guests. They were shocked. I want to know why?

Lotta: You and everyone else. Have a good time Lizzy. I must mingle. (she walks over to talk to the reporter. Lizzy looks irritated and has a snack or two while the attention turns to stage right. She should also go over to look at the covered item)

Dick: I can’t believe it! What is she doing? How can she sell it?!?

Art: I know. It’s priceless. It belongs in a museum.

Dick: Well, at least you can bid on it for your museum.

Art: Are you kidding? She has been donating most of the finds from this dig to our Hawaiian collection. After all, her name is on the exhibit. I expected her to announce that this one was going there too. I’m not prepared to pay thousands for this piece.

Dick: We’ve got to come up with a way to make her change her mind.

(Cameron enters stage right and is looking around - backs into Dick and Art)

Art: I’ll think of something. Maybe we could.... Hey!!! Watch where you’re going.

Cameron: Oh, I’m sorry. I think I took a wrong turn.

Art: (looking him over) I should think so.

(Cameron begins to wander around the stage – the others look at him strangely)

Lotta: Excuse me. How did you get in here?

Cameron: I’m not sure. I was following an exotic species of butterfly when I stumbled into some bushes and when I got up, I was here in this lovely yard. Is it yours? It’s beautiful.

Lotta: Oh, well. Yes of course. Thank you so much.

Cameron: Are you having a party?

(as Lotta and Cameron talk, they move stage right, Art should go over and look at the covered item. Dick just sulks and goes over to have some food stage left. Reporter talks with Lizzy in the back, stage left center)

Lotta: Why yes. It’s a benefit Luau.

Cameron: A luau. Wow!!! A real Hawaiian Luau.

Lotta: Would you like to stay? (offers him a drink & takes one herself)

Cameron: I’d love to. The name’s Cameron. Cameron Flash. May I take your picture? (she poses for him to take a picture. Lizzy and reporter move to front center stage. Art joins Dick at table for food)

Lizzy: Look at that. Everyone here pays $1000.00 to her benefit fund and he just waltzes in here with a smile, a camera and a few compliments.

Reporter: Excuse me. I’m Ray Porter could I ask you just a few questions?

Lizzy: About what?

Reporter: Well, you’re friends with Lotta isn’t that right?

Lizzy: Friends? (glances over at Lotta) Of course, we’re friends. Why?

Reporter: Well, I’d like to get your opinion on the surprise announcement about the sale of this relic. Did you know in advance about this?

Lizzy: (pause) But of course, There’s no secrets between Lotta and me. My name’s Elizabeth Body, but you can call me Lizzy. Here, let me tell you about her little surprise. (They wander stage right while Lotta and Cameron move to the center)

Cameron: So you’re going to have an auction of this thing?

Lotta: That’s right. Let me show it to you. Of course, you can’t see the actual article until unveiling time, but.... Here it is.

Cameron: Wow! Can I take a picture.

Lotta: Well...

Cameron: With you of course.

Lotta: Oh well, I suppose it would be all right.

Cameron: You stand here (positions her stage left of pedestal) and I’ll just ... (walks into pedestal, making sure that it falls back toward the pillows. It doesn’t have to fall, but the relic must fall or be “carried” back toward the pillows. Everyone reacts to help Cameron up. It should be obvious to the audience that anyone could have switched the statue)

Art: The antique - where is it?

Lizzy: (picks it up and makes sure it is covered) Here it is - good as new. (puts it on the table)

Dick: Let me see it. I want to be sure it isn’t damaged.

Lotta: No! ... I mean, ... let’s wait until after dinner. After all, what’s done is done. Please, join me at the buffet table. Dinner is ready. (all exit)

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